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Troubleshooting Tips for Running Online Courseware

The online courses available in the HR University Course Catalog were developed by a variety of different vendors. We've made every attempt to provide these courses in a way that will work smoothly in any major browser.

But if you encounter problems when running an online course, or cannot get a course to register that you have completed it, here are some helpful tips.

Allow Popups
Be sure any popup blockers your browser is using are set to always allow popups from

Test for popup blocker

Logout of VPN and/or Citrix
Due to various security settings and the way HRU launches the courses, it is recommended that you complete courses outside your agency's firewall or remote system (ex: VPN, Citrix, Cisco AnyConnect, etc.). For example, if you are working remotely using VPN, you may need to disconnect from the VPN to successfully launch and complete a course.

Try Another Browser
Your browser security settings may be affecting the course's ability to communicate with the HRU website. It is recommended that HRU courses are taken in the browser, Chrome.

Try using a different browser. You can download the browsers for free at the following links:
If Using Internet Explorer, Check IE Compatibility Mode Setting
Most newer courses use HTML5 and require a recent version of Internet Explorer (IE10 or later).

However, some older courses programmed using Adobe Flash may not work properly in recent versions of IE (IE10 or later).

If you are using Internet Explorer, check the Compatibility View settings.
  • If appears in the list of Websites you've added to Compatibility View, try removing it.
  • If does not appear in the list of Websites you've added to Compatibility View, try adding it.
You may need to add/remove from this list depending on what course you are attempting to complete.

Use the Course's Navigation Buttons
Only use the navigation buttons (e.g., Next, Back, Menu, Help, etc.) within the course itself.

Do NOT use your browser's Next or Back buttons, or refresh the screen within a course.

Take Your Time
As you go through the course, take your time, and read and follow all instructions.

Many courses will not allow you to print a completion certificate unless you have clicked on all the hot links within the course.

Be Sure to Complete Everything
Often, the last screen of a course will say something like "Congratulations, you have completed this course." However, if you skipped around within the course, and did not complete all required lessons, modules, etc., you may not have actually completed the course.

In order to be allowed to print your completion certificate, be sure to complete all required lessons, modules, etc. within the course.

Printing Certificates
You must have Adobe Reader installed in your browser in order to print your certificate.
Get Adobe Reader

If none of the above tips solve your technical problem, please contact the HRU team at, Monday - Friday, except during U.S. Federal Holidays.

HRU does not provide direct phone support; however, you can provide an email with a phone number for response.