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Military Specialist HR Career Path Overview

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Flowchart Description: Specialties within the Military that may be hired into the Entry-Level (GS5-GS9) include Training, Relocations, Records Management , Casualty Affairs, Humanitarian, Evaluations, Benefits/Entitlements, Assignments, Reserve Programs, Customer Service , Promotions, Senior Leader Management, Awards and Decorations, Readiness, Separations, Retirements, Strength Accounting , Family Support, Manpower, Special Programs, Protocol. In addition employees may be hired as an Entry-Level (GS5-GS9) Military Specialist most commonly from outside the Federal Government, or less commonly from being transferred from another job series. In less common cases specialties may advance to the Full Performance (GS11-GS12) Level, and the Expert (GS13-GS15) Level. From the Entry-Level (GS5-GS9), employees may advance to the Full Performance (GS11-GS12) Level, then to the Expert (GS13-GS15) Level, and then to the Managerial (GS15, SES) Level. From the Executive Services Policy advancement both the Full Performance (GS11-GS12) Level and the Expert (GS13-GS15) Level is common.
Entry-Level (GS5-GS9) Full Performance (GS11-GS12) Expert (GS13-GS15) Managerial (GS15, SES)

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