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Executive Services Specialist HR Career Path Overview

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Flowchart Description: Employees are commonly hired as an Entry-Level (GS5-GS9) Executive Services HR career path from all other technical areas or from outside the Federal Government. Less commonly, Entry-Level positions may be filled with a transfer from another job series. Also less commonly, employees from other specialties areas may advance directly to the Full Performance (GS12) Level and the Expert (GS13-GS15) Level. From the Full Performance (GS12) Level employees may advance to the Expert (GS13-GS15) Level, and then to the Managerial (GS15, SES) Level. In less common cases employees may advance from other specialties to the Expert (GS13-GS15) Level.
Full Performance (GS12) Expert (GS13-GS15) Managerial (GS15, SES)

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