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Recruiting Strategies - Veterans
Recruitment of Veterans
Through the implementation of the Veteran Employment Initiative, the Federal Government has created a strong and effective infrastructure for the advocacy of veteran employment which in turn has provided Federal agencies a return on the investment America has made in the men and women who have served in the armed forces.

Silhouette of military service personnel saluting with American flag and stars in the background
To ensure effective strategies were in place to recruit veterans, the Initiative established two entities for leadership and implementation: 1) The Federal Council on Veterans Employment, whose membership consists of the heads of your agencies and 2) Agency Veterans Employment Program Offices.

These entities are responsible for the Government-wide Veterans Recruitment and Employment Strategic Plan

Effective recruitment, veterans’ preference, and the use of special veteran appointing authorities are instrumental in assisting veterans and transitioning service members continue their service through Federal employment while providing Federal agencies vital skills needed to close skill gaps and fill mission critical occupations.

Veterans Employment Program Offices
The first step in effective recruitment of veterans is to contact your agency Veterans Employment Program Office to take advantage of ongoing strategies within your agency. These strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Targeting veterans for noncompetitive appointment using social media
  • Accessing transitioning military service members on military bases
  • Finding talent through VA’s Non-Paid Work Experience and On-The-Job Training Programs and the DoD’s Wounded Warrior internships
  • Participating in government-wide or designing agency specific Vets to Feds (V2F) Career Development Programs

A listing of agency Veterans Employment Program Offices can be found at:

If your agency does not have a Veterans Employment Program Office, please contact us at for assistance in your veteran recruitment efforts.