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Recruiting Strategies - High Volume
If you have many positions to fill, a tightly focused recruiting strategy is especially important because high volume hiring presents some recruitment challenges, for example:
  • Large number of applications to review
  • Potentially high recruiting costs
  • Training of staff to handle the volume
  • The need for a repeatable and scalable process
  • Tight recruitment deadlines
Generic job listings in the center with nine spokes going out from the center; each spoke leads to a  grouping of several generic employees

Focused Messaging
In a high volume hiring situation, your organization's recruitment advertising is going to play a large part in the quality of the applicant pool. For example, if you need to fill 500, or even 50, jobs you are probably going to have to review and process a large number of applications. To increase the effectiveness of your messaging, you can:
  • Target your delivery approach to fit your talent pool
  • Focus your messaging by leading with key job characteristics
  • Keep your talent pool informed (e.g., through list servs, agency's career website)

Realistic Job Preview
You can use Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) as a part of your messaging strategy. A RJP is a tool used by organizations to communicate important aspects of the job and of the organization. You can incorporate RJPs into all aspects of your ongoing recruiting efforts (e.g., career website, job opportunity announcements, career workshops, social media). Applicants use RJPs to weigh their own preferences and needs against job requirements and the organization's culture.
Potential applicants may know little about your organization or the job(s) being advertised and/or have inaccurate expectations or perceptions. For example, a fast-paced job with frequently changing conditions is seen by some applicants as desirable, while other applicants consider this an unattractive job feature. Such insight is important, especially in occupations where people may have limited information about the tasks and responsibilities of the job.

See OPM's Realistic Job Preview Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for more information.