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Recruiting Strategies - Former Employees
For many organizations, staying in touch with former employees has proven to be a cost-effective and high-quality source of applicants.

Why Former Employees?
Network of generic employees connected in through various dotted lines
Some organizations build networks of former employees with the sole purpose of rehiring them. When you stay in touch with former employees the added benefits to your organization are numerous:

Valuable Talent Pool: They bring quick time-to-productivity to the organization, as well as experience and insight from other organizations.

Cost-effective to Rehire: Particularly for highly technical or specialized positions where talent is in high demand.

Source of Applicant Referrals: With their understanding of the culture and certain job roles, they are likely to recommend quality referrals with strong organization and job fit.

Network of Former Employees
Managing your former employee programs involves gaining and maintaining active participation in the network, and monitoring returns from the network.

BUILD A NETWORK: You can build a network of former employees in a number of ways:

GROW A NETWORK: You can grow a network in a number of ways:

MEASURE NETWORK IMPACT: You can measure the impact in a number of ways: