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Recruiting Effectiveness - CHCO Survey
Applicant Satisfaction Survey

Generic survey form on a clipboard
The Applicant Satisfaction Survey gauges applicants’ satisfaction with the Federal hiring process. Three different versions are sent randomly to people who use USAJOBS. The Applicant Survey is administered to "completers" (i.e., individuals who complete the job application process) and "abandoners" (i.e., people who do not complete the job application process). The survey targets applicant satisfaction with the job announcement itself, the overall satisfaction with applying for a Federal job, and the clarity of requirements.

Manager Satisfaction Survey

Generic Managers representing the CHCOs filling out surveys and reviewing survey analytics
The Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council has developed a survey to obtain managers' perceptions of the hiring process at their agencies. This is another step in making meaningful improvements in your agency's and the Federal Government's hiring processes. OPM posts the results quarterly by agency on the MAX Federal Community. Included are charts and trending data that agencies may use to analyze how to improve how hiring managers work with human resources on recruiting.