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Planning for Recruiting - Workforce Trends
Building the Federal Workforce of the Future
Short- and long-term trends influence the size and structure of the Federal workforce. Human resources professionals, hiring officials, and program managers should consider a variety of internal and external factors that will impact attracting, recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining talent. This section highlights the predominant workforce trends that are shaping the Federal landscape. As you review each section, note the particulars for each set of trends and the accompanying suggested strategies and action items that can help your organization to recruit and retain the best workers. Also take time to access the links to reports, articles and other resources as noted, for more detailed data and analyses.

Changing Demographics
Icon showing different generic characters on various pieces of a pie chartThe American workforce is changing. For the first time, four generations of Americans are presently employed side-by-side. While all share common characteristics, each group also brings something unique to the table in terms of attitude and approach to work. Additionally, the number of retirees in the U.S. is growing while fewer new workers are entering the workforce, creating a precarious situation. The workforce of the future will also be more diverse, with variations in race/ethnicity, gender, culture, and other factors. Individuals with disabilities are lending their talents to the Federal workplace in increasing numbers. All of these changes have intensified the need to find better ways of organizing and managing work. In this section you will find a brief overview of some of the major demographic trends and suggestions on how to use this knowledge for better planning.

Icon showing smart phone next to globe, part of globe is visible on smart phone screenTechnology is advancing and evolving at a rapid pace in every area of our lives, including the workplace. Recruitment and hiring activities will increasingly be driven by our ability to reach out to prospective applicants in innovative ways. The emergence of social media, mobile devices, and smart technology has created a seemingly limitless potential for recruitment and outreach. In this section, consider the many options available today to help Federal agencies reach their intended audiences to attract the best talent for America.

Employee Engagement
Two generic characters assembling a wall of puzzle piecesEngaged employees equal productive employees. In today's environment to "do more with less," coupled with increasingly complex jobs, it is helpful to know specific strategies to better involve your workers. Research shows that some of the rewards for improving employee engagement are increased job satisfaction, greater loyalty to the organization, and better retention. Check this section out for specific data and things you can do to improve in this vital area.