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Pathways for students and recent graduates to federal careers


What options are available for agencies to encourage individuals to seek participation in the Internship and Recent Graduates Programs? (READ MORE)
Agencies may help promote participation in the Internship and Recent Graduates Programs through outreach and recruitment. As part of outreach, for example, agencies may inform students and recent graduates, colleges and universities’ representatives, or third-party intern providers (e.g., the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities) about the Pathways Programs. Agencies may also provide general information at campus visits and events, liaison with campus career offices, and third-party intern providers. In contrast, recruitment occurs during the period when the agency is actively seeking to fill a position(s) under the Pathways Programs and is accepting applications, using a properly posted Pathways job opportunity announcement.

Can agencies conduct outreach prior to (or without) posting a USAJOBS announcement? (READ MORE)
Agencies have the discretion to conduct outreach on campuses before (or without) posting a USAJOBS announcement. These may be informational/awareness-type events or liaison activities.

If an agency wishes to use a campus recruiting event to collect applications for its Internship Program, what conditions must be met? (READ MORE)
An agency must meet the public notification requirements of 5 CFR 362.203(a).

Can agencies target their outreach and recruitment efforts in an effort to build a diverse applicant pool? (READ MORE)
As part of a broader overall recruitment plan, agencies may conduct strategic recruitment activities focused on improving the diversity of the applicant pool and notifying a wide pool of potential applicants of job opportunities. However, agencies must ensure that such activities merely supplement the underlying plan and that public notice of the Job Opportunity Announcement is available to everyone.

May agencies hold job fairs or recruitment events at only one campus or university prior to filling jobs under the Internship Program? (READ MORE)
Yes, provided they post alternative means of applying at the same time that they post the notice of the event. Agencies may hold recruitment events at only one campus or school prior to filling a job under the Pathways Programs as a part of a broader and more comprehensive outreach and recruitment strategy. When doing so, agencies must ensure the selected venue is open to all students (even those from other colleges or universities) who may want to attend the recruitment event. In other words, agencies cannot limit participation to students who attend the school or campus where the event is being held. Additionally, public notification containing details about the event, how/where to attend, and how to apply if one is unable to attend must be provided in advance of the event per 5 CFR 362.203(a) for the Internship Program. Agencies should aim to recruit from a variety of venues, consistent with good recruitment practices, to the extent practicable.

If an agency decides to hold an on-campus recruitment event at which it will accept applications for filling Pathways Program positions, what information must be in the USAJOBS announcement publicizing the event? (READ MORE)
When holding recruitment events where an agency will accept applications, the following information must be included in the USAJOBS announcement publicizing the event:
  • Location, date, and time of the event
  • Any relevant information on how to access the event location (including reasonable accommodation information for those with a disabling condition)
  • Position title, series and grade of the job(s) to be filled
  • Geographic location of the job(s) to be filled
  • A public source (such as a link on the agency’s webpage) which contains information about how to attend/apply for the event and how to apply if interested parties cannot attend the event
  • Information about how to apply if a candidate is not going to attend the event.
  • Information about how to claim veterans’ preference

What are some effective practices agencies should follow when recruiting for Pathways positions? (READ MORE)
OPM encourages agencies to utilize the following effective practices when recruiting for Pathways positions:
  • Have a strategic recruitment strategy based on workforce planning for filling Pathways positions
  • Conduct strategic recruitment with a variety of talent sources to build a pipeline of qualified applicants from all segments of society
  • Recruit from a diverse spectrum of campuses or schools prior to announcing and filling jobs through the Pathways Programs
  • When conducting on-campus recruitment, agencies should ensure the venue they are visiting is open to anyone who can attend – not just students of the school where the event is taking place. In addition, agencies must provide an adequate alternative means of applying and should provide any additional information about the opportunity that would be helpful to a potential applicant who is unable to attend the on-campus event.
  • To the extent practicable, agencies are encouraged to conduct outreach events to make students and recent graduates aware of the USAJOBS website and encourage them to apply for positions when they become available
  • When conducting on-campus recruitment, agencies should take into account the proximity of the campus to the actual location of the job to be filled and the need for the student to be able to get to the job location in order to benefit from the event.