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Pathways for students and recent graduates to federal careers

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Will OPM provide a grace period (to avoid a lapse in authority) if an agency Pathways MOU renewal is not completed before the existing MOU expires? (READ MORE)
No. The implementing Pathways regulations do not provide for such a grace period. An agency must renew its Pathways MOU every 2 years. If the MOU is not renewed, the agency must suspend all new hiring under the Pathways Program until a current MOU is in place.

How do agencies designate Recent Graduates positions for a Program of more than a 1-year? (READ MORE)
The intent of the Recent Graduates Program is to provide a 1 year entry-level developmental experience which may lead to a permanent job in an agency’s workforce. Agencies may establish Recent Graduate Programs in excess of 1 year if the training requirements of a specific position warrant a longer and more structured program. Any such positions must be identified in the agency’s Pathways MOU, and described on the Pathways Participant agreement. Individual managers, organizations, etc., may not individually decide how long the Recent Graduate Program will be.

What is meant by the reference to “Agency Policy for promotion” as used in the Transition and Implementation guidance? Does it mean that agencies should establish a policy for promoting Interns or does it mean that agencies should establish a policy for using public notification when promoting Interns? (READ MORE)
Agencies are required to have an excepted service policy in place under 5 CFR 302 and to have policies in place for the Pathways Programs. Such policies must address receipt of applications; qualifications requirements; examination of applicants; order of selection; promotions and reassignments including instances when public notification is required for the promotion of Interns.