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Planning for Recruiting - Job Opportunity Announcements
An important step in the planning process is crafting an effective Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA). An effective JOA is a result of combined efforts on the part of HR and the hiring manager. Together, you have the opportunity to use the position description, the job analysis, and the hiring manager's input to create a clear, concise, accurate and effective marketing tool.

Job Opportunity Announcement speech bubble with “Start” key on a key board and bulleted text “Interest, Essential Points, Plain Language, and Evaluation & Rank”

An Effective JOA

  • Attracts applicants' interest
  • Communicates the job’s essential points
  • Explains (in plain language) how to apply
  • Informs how applicants will be evaluated and ranked

You Can Use These Tools to Help You Write an Effective JOA:

Agency JOA Templates: