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Planning for Recruiting - Your Role: Hiring Manager
The President's Hiring Reform requires Federal hiring managers to become more involved in the recruitment and hiring process. Specifically, as a hiring manager, you must actively participate in the following three stages:

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  • Participate with HR in the job analysis in advance of posting the job
  • Define job requirements
  • Work with HR to define the assessment strategy
  • Respond in a timely manner to HR and/or recruiting team's requests for information
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  • Respect the applicant's time throughout the interview process
  • Make a timely hiring decision and notify HR
  • Actively sell the applicant on the offer
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  • Provide additional information about the job before the new hire's start date
  • Respond to new hire concerns throughout the onboarding period
  • Ensure new hires understand their performance objectives from the start
  • Provide new hires with an early informal review

Below are some actions you can take to become more involved and that have been shown to impact the quality of hire and drive down the time-to-hire.