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Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations

This job family includes occupations that involve repair, modification, assembly, and testing of fluid systems and fluid system components of aircraft, aircraft engines, missiles, and mobile and support equipment. These fluid systems store, supply, distribute, and move gases or liquids in regulated amounts primarily to produce power, transmit force, and pressurize, cool, and condition cabins. Typical of such devices and systems are pumps, governors, regulators, flow control valves, regular valves, air turbines, actuating or slave cylinders, and major accessories that are components of fuel and oil systems; landing gear, brake, flap, door, and other hydraulic actuating and shock absorbing systems; and oxygen, fire prevention, and other pneumatic systems. The most characteristic knowledge and skills required by the work are those of controlling leakage of fluid under pressure; controlling vibration and heating in high-speed turbine operation; and understanding the principles, schematics, and sensing mechanisms involved in regulating fluid flow. Work on instruments that contain pneumatic and hydraulic components should be coded to the instrument work family, 3300.