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Federal Occupations Toolkit - Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
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Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
7002 — Packing*

This standard covers nonsupervisory work involved in preserving and/or packing and repacking equipment, parts, tools, materials, and other items in various types of containers to protect them from damage, deterioration, or corrosion during shipment and storage. The work includes preserving and packing specialized devices, delicate equipment, munitions, weapons, and combustible and toxic materials and substances. The work requires knowledge of various protective devices and cushioning materials, a wide range of preserving and packing procedures and techniques, and of regulatory and safety requirements that apply to preserving, packing, labeling, storing, and shipping standard and nonstandard materials, devices, etc. Most work requires the incidental use of a variety of trade practices associated with related or support occupations such as forklift operating, wood working, mechanical equipment assembly, and materials handling.