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6913 — Hazardous Waste Disposing*

This standard covers nonsupervisory work involved in identifying, collecting, processing, stabilizing, neutralizing, consolidating, and/or separating hazardous waste in preparation for disposal. The work requires knowledge of hazardous waste identification techniques and safe processing and packaging procedures. The work also requires an understanding and practical application of environmental rules and practices regarding the full range of hazardous waste material treatment and disposal procedures. Work within this occupation typically requires basic skill in the use of computers to access information systems to retrieve data pertaining to temporary storage, and processing information regarding hazardous wastes. Most work requires regular or incidental use of motor vehicles, fork lifts, and in some cases, warehouse tugs. In some work situations, hazardous waste disposers at industrial facilities may be required to participate on hazardous waste response teams to control accidental spills, overflows, and other emergency situations that may arise involving both hazardous wastes and materials.