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Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
5736 — Braking-Switching and Conducting*

This standard is used to grade the nonsupervisory work involved in coordinating (onsite) the movement, make up, or break up of trains, locomotives, and train cars. The work requires knowledge of the layout of a railroad track system; knowledge of and ability to follow numerous safety, signaling, switching, track use, train car, and train movement procedures, restrictions, and requirements; and knowledge of the movement and braking characteristics of locomotives, train cars, and various sizes of trains under a variety of weather, visibility, speed, cargo, track, and other operating conditions. Some work covered also requires ability to plan efficient work sequences in making up, breaking up, and overseeing (onsite the safe movement of trains; ability to coordinate the work of a train crew, and the ability to enforce numerous operational and safety procedures and requirements.