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5384 — Gasdynamic Facility Installing and Repairing

This occupation includes jobs involving the installation of systems, equipment, and components comprising a gasdynamic facility; diagnosis of facility malfunctions; and teardown, repair, replacement, and servicing of integrated equipment and components; monitoring and adjustment of systems and equipment to achieve prescribed test conditions, and recording of data observed during tests; and fabrication of parts, fittings, components, test articles, and/or measuring instruments, using machine tools. Facilities are characterized by the integrated use of extreme high temperature heating, high pressure, and/or high vacuum techniques to create fluid dynamic flow of high enthalpy gases for experimental simulation of the flight of hypersonic vehicles. Associated equipment and components include such items as gas fired ceramic storage heaters; high voltage electric arc heaters; mechanical, oil diffusion, and cryogenic vacuum and/or pressure pumps; piping network for coolants, propane gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, and/ or compressed air; electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic valves and control devices; and synchronous and wound rotor motors. Facilities are typically constructed on a fail-safe basis utilizing component and system interlocks.