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Federal Occupations Toolkit - Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
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Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
5352 — Industrial Equipment Mechanic*

This standard covers nonsupervisory work involving the dismantling, repairing, relocating, modifying, maintaining, aligning, and installing of general nonproduction industrial plant machinery, equipment, and systems such as bridge cranes, towveyor/conveyor and pneumatic tube systems, sandblasting machines, and other industrial plant support machinery and equipment; service, industrial waste and flood control equipment such as compressors, pumps, and valves; and engraving machines, aircraft test block equipment, and fire extinguishing systems. The work requires a practical knowledge of the mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems and components of diverse industrial plant support machinery and equipment, and other equipment that control industrial waste and provide service to establishments such as industrial plants, machine tool repair shops, and hospitals. This includes detailed knowledge of the operating characteristics of the involved systems and equipment, and of the applicable installation and repair procedures, methods, and trade practices.