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5334 — Marine Machinery Mechanic*

This standard covers nonsupervisory work involving the dismantling, repairing, relocating, modifying, maintaining, aligning, and installing of a wide variety of marine machinery, equipment, and systems such as propulsion machinery, propellers, rudders, cargo handling machinery, lifeboat davits, anchor handling gear, and missile tube equipment that are located aboard submarines, ships, and other floating craft. The work requires a practical knowledge of the mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems and components of diverse marine machinery and their attachments. This includes detailed knowledge of the operating characteristics of the involved machinery, equipment, and systems; their functional relationships; the applicable installation and repair procedures, methods, and trade practices; and the unique environmental conditions under which work is performed aboard marine craft, for example, the lack of space between bulkheads and decks and the proximity of one type of machinery to another.