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Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
2854 — Electrical Equipment Repairing*

This standard is for grading nonsupervisory jobs involved in troubleshooting, testing, installing, repairing, overhauling, modifying, and maintaining electrical devices, equipment, and components such as automatic alternator synchronizing equipment, amplidyne control units, voltage regulating equipment, generators, actuators, switching and control panels, junction boxes, AC and DC motors, electrical harnesses, transformers, and power amplifiers. Typically, the equipment and components serviced have been removed from aircraft, ships, ground support or industrial equipment, tracked or wheeled heavy duty vehicles, missiles, etc. The work requires knowledge of electrical circuitry, formulas, and principles and their application to the devices, equipment, components, and systems repaired. In addition, some work may require knowledge of electronic circuitry and theory and general mechanical skills and knowledge.