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Federal Occupations Toolkit - Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
Recruitment Policy Studio

White Collar Occupations
Trade, Craft, and Labor Occupations
2502 — Telecommunications Mechanic*

This standard is for grading nonsupervisory jobs involved in installing, modifying, troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining voice and nonvoice communication systems including central office, private branch automatic exchanges (PBAXs), local area network systems, telephone sets, wire carrier equipment, communication cable, alarm systems, intercom and public address systems, and teletype equipment. The work requires knowledge of telephone and data circuitry equipment and installation procedures; knowledge of basic electrical and electronic principles as they pertain to voice and nonvoice transmissions; the ability to understand and follow such technical guidance as circuit descriptions, schematics, and layout sheets; and the ability to locate and repair trouble within the telecommunications system.