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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
1715 — Vocational Rehabilitation Series*

This series covers positions requiring the application of knowledge of training programs and occupational information in relation to vocational rehabilitation problems of the physically or mentally disabled, or of other individuals whose background or lack of job skills impairs their employ ability. The work involves planning training programs for these individuals; placing them in gainful employment; and supervising them while in training and during adjustment to the job. The duties require knowledge of vocational training concepts and practices; of the employment market; of training facilities; and of skill demands and environmental conditions in occupations and in specific jobs in relation to their suitability for the training and employment of the persons served by the rehabilitation program. The work also involves the application of counseling techniques and methodology in motivating these individuals and helping them to adjust successfully to the training or work situation; however, full professional counseling knowledge is not required.