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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
1173 — Housing Management Series*

This series covers positions the duties of which are (1) to manage r to assist in managing one or more family housing projects, billeting facilities, or other accommodations such as transient or permanent individual and family living quarters, dormitory facilities and restricted occupancy buildings including adjacent service facilities and surrounding grounds; and/or (2) to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in the evaluation of housing management programs, the development of administrative procedures, and the provision of technical assistance to onsite housing management. Positions in this occupation require a variety of housing management and administrative knowledge and related practical skills and abilities in such housing activities as: operations and maintenance, procurement of services, cost management and financial planning, assignments and utilization, occupancy changes and periodic inspections, scheduled and special requirement surveys, new construction and improvements, control of furnishings and equipment, master planning, and management-tenant relations. While some positions may involve administrative or indirect supervision of trade or craft work, an intensive practical knowledge of skilled trade and craft work techniques and processes is not required.