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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
1008 — Interior Design Series**

This series covers positions the duties of which are to perform, supervise, or manage work related to the design of interior environments in order to promote employee productivity, health, and welfare, and/or the health and welfare of the public. Typical duties include investigating, identifying, and documenting client needs; analyzing needs, proposing options and, working with the client, developing specific solutions; developing design documents, including contract working drawings and specifications; and, as appropriate, managing design projects performed in-house or by contract. The work requires applying knowledge from a variety of such fields as: (1) interior construction (building systems and components, building codes, equipment, materials, and furnishings, working drawings and specification, codes and standards); (2) contracting (cost estimates, bid proposals, negotiations, contract awards, site visits during construction, pre- and post-occupancy evaluations); (3) facility operation (maintenance requirements, traffic patterns, security and fire protection); (4) aesthetics (sense of scale, proportion, and form; color, texture, and finishes; style and visual imagery); (5) psychology (privacy and enclosure; effects of environmental components (color, texture, space, etc.) on mood, alertness, etc.); and, as appropriate, (6) management (design project and resource coordination).