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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0993 — Railroad Retirement Claims Examining Series**

This series covers positions that involve managing, supervising, or performing work concerned with the administration and operation of national railroad retirement benefit programs. This includes: (1) examining, adjudicating, adjusting, authorizing, or reconsidering applications and claims for retirement, disability, survivor, and related benefits; (2) providing guidance, consultation, and staff assistance to organizations and individuals regarding retirement and related benefits; (3) formulating and evaluating program policies and functions; (4) developing procedures, methods, work aids, technical guides, and other reference material for program operations; (5) auditing the annuitant and survivor rolls and taking actions to prevent fraudulent payments; and (6) developing or conducting program training. Positions included in this series primarily require knowledge of the laws, regulations, principles, and operational requirements of national railroad retirement benefit programs; knowledge of the interrelationships among these programs and other related public and private sector programs; and analytical skills and abilities used in planning, developing, evaluating, or carrying out the operation and delivery of these programs. All positions require knowledge, skills, and abilities sufficient to adjudicate, authorize or reconsider claims for benefits.