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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0672 — Prosthetic Representative Series

This series covers positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work concerned with rendering prosthetic and sensory aids services to disabled patients. Included in this series is such work as (1) planning, developing, and directing a prosthetic and sensory aids program at either the national, regional, or local level; (2) serving as an advisor to physicians with regard to selection, prescription, and acquisition of prosthetic devices involving furnishing information concerning such matters as new developments in the field of prosthetics, and sources of supply for such devices; (3) counseling and advising patients and their families and representatives regarding eligibility for and the use of prosthetic and sensory aids; (4) interpreting prescriptions of medical officers in order to make certain proper prosthetic devices are selected for, or by, the patients; (5) authorizing the purchase, fabrication, or repair of prosthetic devices; (6) maintaining continuous liaison with manufacturers and dealers of prosthetic supplies, inspecting their facilities and services, and participating in the award of prosthetic appliance contracts; (7) participating in investigative studies by selecting patients as pilot wearers of newly developed prosthetic items, evaluating the usefulness of such items, and preparing data for the use of research project leaders or manufacturers; and (8) as required, giving technical and administrative advice and assistance on prosthetic problems to outlying stations.

This work requires the application and interpretation of laws concerning benefits available to disabled patients and of the regulations, procedures, and practices based thereon, and, in addition, a specialized knowledge of the medical and psychological problems directly related to the use of prosthetic devices; and a specialized knowledge and understanding of the fabrication and satisfactory fitting of prosthetic devices. (These positions are filled by persons who have a major disability and who have demonstrated their ability to wear and use successfully a major prosthetic device.)

This series does not include classes of positions described in, and classifiable to, the Contact Representative Series, 0962; Orthotist and Prosthetist Series, 0667; or Speech Pathology and Audiology Series, 0665; although incidental performance of some elements of the work of these series will not remove a position from the Prosthetic Representative Series.