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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0601 — General Health Science Series

This series covers positions that involve research or other professional and scientific work that is specifically health-oriented in character, when the work is of such generalized or miscellaneous specialized nature that the positions are not more appropriately classifiable in any of the existing series in this or any other Group. The work requires a background of knowledge, skills and techniques gained from professional training in a health science or allied scientific field, but has no paramount, rigid or continuing requirement for the knowledge, skills and techniques characterizing any of the established series that reflect one or more of the academic disciplines or recognized professions. Such work may cut across and require understanding of scientific methods and techniques common to several recognized professional fields in the health, medical or allied sciences (e.g., work in the field of health research administration requiring knowledge of research methodology common to a number of different scientific fields); and/or the work may represent a new, emerging or miscellaneous professional occupational area of a health science not readily identifiable with established series. This series is not intended for use for interdisciplinary professional positions (and the paramount qualification needed to perform the work) that are readily identifiable with existing series.