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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0460 — Forestry Series***

This series covers positions that require primarily professional knowledge and competence in forestry science. The work includes development, production, conservation, and utilization of the natural resources of forests and associated lands; the inventory, planning, evaluation, and management of each forest resource including timber, soil, land, water, wildlife and fish habitat, minerals, forage, and outdoor recreation including wilderness, in relationship with each other to meet both present and future public and local private needs and demands; the protection of resources against fire, insects, disease, floods, erosion, and other depredations; the valuation, management and protection of forest lands and properties; the interpretation and communication of principles, facts and legislation upon which the management of forest land rests; and the development of new, improved, or more economic scientific methods, practices, or techniques necessary to perform such work.