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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0346 — Logistics Management Series**

This series covers positions concerned with directing, developing, or performing logistics management operations that involve planning, coordinating, or evaluating the logistical actions required to support a specified mission, weapons system, or other designated program. The work involves: (1) identifying the specific requirements for money, manpower, materiel, facilities, and services needed to support the program; and (2) correlating those requirements with program plans to assure that the needed support is provided at the right time and place. Logistics work requires: (1) knowledge of agency program planning, funding, and management information systems; (2) broad knowledge of the organization and functions of activities involved in providing logistical support; and (3) ability to coordinate and evaluate the efforts of functional specialists to identify specific requirements and to develop and adjust plans and schedules for the actions needed to meet each requirement on time.

Positions in this series require some degree of specialized knowledge of some or all of the logistics support activities involved. The paramount qualification requirement, however, is the ability to integrate the separate functions in planning or implementing a logistics management program. (Positions in which specialized knowledge of logistics support functions are the paramount requirement are classified to whichever specialized or general series is most appropriate.)