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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0243 — Apprenticeship and Training Series*

This series includes positions that involve the administration, supervision, or performance of work primarily concerned with: (1) the promotion of apprenticeship and other on the job training programs and standards to meet the needs for skilled manpower in industry; and (2) providing technical advice and assistance on methods for improving and obtaining more effective utilization of worker skills on the job. This work includes obtaining the cooperative support of, providing consultative services to, and coordinating with management and labor, educational, community, and other groups, and governmental agencies at local, State, and Federal levels. Positions in this series basically require knowledge of the principles and practices of apprenticeship, ability to analyze industrial processes and operations in order to identify the manpower and training problems involved and to advise on solutions, and knowledge of related industrial relations practices and problems. Also classifiable to this series are positions requiring application of the same basic knowledge and abilities in supervising or performing work primarily involving the review of apprenticeship standards and training agreements for conformance with basic national standards.