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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0203 — Human Resources Assistance Series***

This series covers one–grade interval administrative support positions that supervise, lead, or perform human resources (HR) assistance work requiring substantial knowledge of civilian and/or military HR terminology, requirements, procedures, operations, functions, and regulatory policy and procedural requirements applicable to HR transactions. The work does not require the broad knowledge of Federal HR systems or the depth of knowledge about HR concepts, principles, and techniques that are characteristic of the recognized HR specialist positions in the Human Resources Management Series, 0201.

This series covers, but is not limited to, the following specialties:
  • Information Systems – Work that primarily involves entering and extracting data from HR information systems.
  • Military – Work that involves support of military HR programs and functions.
  • Classification – Work that involves support of position classification programs and functions.
  • Recruitment & Placement, or Recruitment, or Placement – Work that involves support of recruitment, selection, placement, job analysis, and workforce planning and analysis.
  • Employee Benefits – Work that involves support of employee guidance and consultation to agencies, employees, former employees, annuitants, survivors, and eligible family members regarding retirement, insurance, health benefits, and injury compensation.
  • Human Resource Development – Work that involves support of human resources development programs and functions.
  • Performance Management – Work that involves support of performance management programs and/or employee awards programs.
  • Employee & Labor Relations, or Employee Relations, or Labor Relations – Work that involves support of employee relations programs in matters related to conduct, performance, attendance, and dispute resolution; and/or work involved in maintaining effective relationships with labor organizations that represent Federal employees, negotiating and administering labor agreements, and providing guidance and consultation to management on a variety of labor relations matters.