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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0099 — General Student Trainee Series

The student trainee series in each Occupational Group includes all trainee positions that involve periods of pertinent formal education and periods of employment in a Federal agency. The education and employment must be part of a formal student employment program. The level of education and experience completed by the student is a major consideration in establishing the level of on-the-job training and work assignments during periods of employment. This series definition applies to the XX99 student trainee series for each Occupational Group. Student trainee positions should be classified to the XX99 series for the appropriate Occupational Group (0099, 0199, 1599, etc.).

All positions classified to a student trainee series should be titled Student Trainee followed by a parenthetical title consistent with the occupational field involved; for example: Student Trainee (Human Resources Management), Student Trainee (Psychology), Student Trainee (Civil Engineering).