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Federal Occupations Toolkit - White Collar Occupations
0082 — United States Marshal Series*

This series covers positions involving a range of law enforcement responsibilities including serving of civil writs and criminal warrants issued by Federal courts; tracing and arresting people wanted under court warrants; seizing and disposing of property under court orders; safeguarding and transporting prisoners; providing for the physical security of court facilities and personnel; providing for the physical security of jurors and key Government witnesses and their families; preventing civil disturbances or restoring order in riot and mob violence situations; and performing other special law enforcement duties as directed by a court order or by the Department of Justice. These positions require ability in locating and identifying wanted persons or property, knowledge of court procedure, basic knowledge of business records and practices, knowledge of Federal and State laws that deputies must enforce, as well as relevant court decisions, and ability to deal with people from all levels of society.