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Social networking tools offer you the ability to brand your organization to network users and interact with those individuals. Recruiting through social media allows you to broadcast your message to many potential applicants at one time.

Many agencies already use social networks to market services to the general public. You can also use these networks to communicate your employee value proposition (i.e., social network users = potential applicants). If your agency’s social networks benefit more than one function, see if you can collaborate with other offices (e.g., communications, information technology, legal) to share resources.

Target Delivery Method to Audience
Whether your organization wants to market services, communicate your employee value proposition, or source applicants, consider each social network's capabilities and features. Different social networking tools can be used to reach different audiences (e.g., universities and colleges, professionals, former employees). Tailor both your marketing message and your delivery method to most effectively reach your audience.

Consider which type of networking tool is most appropriate. For example, closed networks may be appropriate for networking with members of a specific profession (e.g., scientists, engineers) and may offer your organization the security it needs to ensure confidential information is kept private. On the other hand, open networks provide access to a broader audience.

Create A Relevant Network
No matter which social network tool you use, individuals who join your network expect meaningful interaction and expect your online presence to be consistent with your employee value proposition. The list below includes some tips for creating a relevant network:
  • Dedicate trained points of contact to interact with network users
  • Determine your organization’s approach to branding messages prior to networking
  • Track the number of applicants you receive from social networks and monitor the amount of traffic to your site or network
  • Format recruiting messages to drive applicants to your main career page (e.g., your agency, USAJOBS)
  • Use networks to direct applicants to the right people and the correct processes
  • Keep your content up-to-date and fresh
  • Before launching your site, invite insiders from your agency to join
  • Take time to "follow" or "friend" other organization’s social media sites