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Marketing and Outreach - Marketing
A marketing plan will include your goals, budget, timeline, and the methods you'll use to communicate your message. Once you have created your marketing message, you can use some of the methods below:

1: Generic List Icon
Make a List — Create an email listserv of people interested in a career with your agency. Allow prospective applicants to sign up for the listserv on your career website. You can use the listserv to send out regular emails featuring for example, mission-critical positions, recruiting events, tips and advice.

2: Individual communicating virtually communicating with another individual Icon
Go Virtual — Hold an online event so people can learn about job openings and chat with employees to learn more about careers with your organization. This allows for wide outreach because online events are accessible worldwide.

3: Storybook Icon
Tell Your Story — Storytelling is powerful. Tell stories about exciting work your employees have done to contribute to the mission of the agency. Use these stories to help promote your employee value proposition in your employees' own words. The Office of Personnel Management has created a FedsUnscripted channel to showcase federal employees telling their stories.

4: Video Camera Icon
Use Video — Use videos, such as a tour of your facility; create a video blog, or cover a recruiting event. You can create videos that show the types of jobs your agency needs to fill and tat help communicate your employee value proposition.

5: Target with a dart in the bulls eye
Bulls Eye — Target talent communities by attending industry specific conferences or event. For example, if your agency wants to hire more people who can speak a certain language, target your outreach towards universities that offer that major or communities with pockets of individuals that speak the language you seek.

6: Map Icon
Use a Map — Expand geographically. You can reach potential talent across the country! Technology allows us to contact organizations and universities beyond those in our immediate area and build relationships from a distance.

7: Social Media Icon
Be Social — Social Media is an outlet that enables you to connect to prospective applicants with the right people and helps you get them moving into the right processes. While most social media tools are free to use, they all require commitment of staff time and effort in order to maintain.