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Outreach promotes the agency's mission and employment opportunities and is an effective way to build talent pipelines. Agencies successful in recruiting have created long-term relationships within targeted communities. Some outreach activities you can consider to help build and maintain long-term relationships are:
  • Speak publicly about the role and impact of your organization
  • Share your experience working at your agency
  • Talk about what it’s like to work in your specialty field
  • Make suggestions regarding the curriculum that would be relevant to competencies essential to your agency at institutions of higher learning
  • Hold workshops on job search strategies, resume writing and interviewing skills (e.g., seminars, mock interviews)
  • Become a sponsor or advisor for a student, professional, or community organization
  • Sponsor or participate in hands-on educational programs designed to inspire students to explore a particular career field
  • Use research and development grants to sponsor research opportunities
  • Create recruitment and outreach materials designed for parents, career counselors, community leaders
Some agencies with highly technical mission-critical occupations (e.g., science, mathematics, engineering) have established programs (pursuant to Congressional authorization) to increase the educational attainment of students at varying levels to prepare them for future employment. For example:
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs — partnered with Argonne National Laboratory to host the Indian Education Renewable Energy Challenge. College and high schools teams competed to design and build efficient portable wind turbine systems.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention — created lesson plans for teachers to use in their classrooms. For example, CDC created a simulation where students study pandemics through the investigational research of the 1918 swine flu. They apply the information by choosing a current virus and role-playing a member of the Centers of Disease Control.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration — inspires interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by leveraging its unique mission, workforce, facilities, research, and innovations through numerous outreach programs targeting all levels.
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