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Hiring Policy: Responsible for Government-wide competitive hiring policies, including dual-comp waivers, direct hire authority, delegated examining, Schedule A, veterans preference, medical qualifications, and variations.

Classification/Assessment Policy: Responsible for Government-wide classification policy, including job analysis, competency-based qualification standards, and studies for new/current job series/ classification, and for developing Government-wide assessments for agencies to use for competitive hiring. Recruitment Policy: Responsible for Government-wide recruitment policy, including developing and implementing regulations, policies, tools, and techniques, and for conducting studies and providing guidance in support of recruitment programs/policy.

Student Programs: Responsible for Government-wide student programs, such as in the Pathways Programs (Interns, Recent Graduates, and Presidential Management Fellows). Pay and Leave: Leads the Federal Government's efforts to implement, manage, and improve Government-wide pay and leave administration policies and programs, and to develop and implement new pay and leave administration policies and programs that will assist Federal agencies in meeting their strategic goals to attract, motivate, and retain high quality employees from diverse backgrounds.

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