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Noncompetitive Appointment of Certain Military Spouses

Executive Order 13473, dated September 28, 2008, authorized the noncompetitive appointment of certain military spouses to competitive service positions. This authority allows agencies to appoint certain military spouses without using traditional competitive examining procedures. Agencies can choose to use this authority when filling competitive service positions on a temporary (not to exceed 1 year), term (more than 1 year but not more than 4 years), or permanent basis. The authority does not entitle spouses to an appointment over any other applicant – it is used at the discretion of an agency.

What it provides: An opportunity to recruit and to appoint certain military spouses to competitive service positions without using the traditional competitive hiring process.

When to use it: When filling competitive service positions under agency merit promotion procedures.

Who is eligible:

There are three categories of military spouses:
  • Those who are relocating with their service-member spouse as a result of permanent change of station (PCS) orders,
  • Spouses of service members who incurred a 100% disability because of the service member's active duty service, and
  • Spouses of service members killed while on active duty.
Benefits to the hiring manager: This authority allows managers to consider individuals without using traditional competitive examination procedures.

To hire a Military Spouse:

  1. Consider strategic workforce planning needs.
  2. Determine recruiting strategy.
  3. Determine if candidates are eligible under this authority.
  4. Evaluate or assess the qualifications of the candidates.
  5. Appoint an eligible who is qualified to perform the duties of the position.

Qs and As on the Noncompetitive Appointment of Certain Military Spouses

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