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Employer Branding - An Effective EVP
An EVP isn't altogether different than the brand for a commercial product; it's critical to the success of an organization, requires thoughtful crafting, and active management. A strong, focused, accurate EVP can help your organization recruit high quality applicants and raise the productivity and commitment of the workforce.

Build your EVP, keeping in mind these key elements: relevance; strength; differentiation; and sustainability.

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A strong EVP is built around attributes relevant to the talent you want to attract. For example, if your organization is advertising generous vacation benefits and the talent you need is seeking meaningful development opportunities, your message won't resonate with them.

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Choose EVP attributes your organization will deliver on because applicants make decisions based on the attributes you emphasize. Organizations that keep promises made during the recruiting process are more likely to increase employee retention.

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What about your organization makes your employment opportunities unique? That's what you want to focus on as you communicate your EVP.

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EVPs must be sustainable. As with a consumer brand, it takes time to build an employment brand. When you craft an EVP, ideally, your organization should be able to deliver against it for the next three to five years. For example it would be easy to recruit people if you paid them 500% of market salary, but you couldn't do that indefinitely because it's not sustainable.