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Employer Branding - EVP Attributes
An effective EVP takes into account three things:
  1. The importance of the attribute to the applicant; do applicants care enough about a particular attribute for it to inform their decision making?
  2. The extent to which applicants are aware of the attribute; how readily can the organization relay information about the attribute to the labor market?
  3. How applicants in the labor market perceive the organization’s delivery of that attribute; do they have positive or negative impressions?
Targeted research evaluated the preferences of early- and mid-career hires across the U.S. workforce. Respondents were asked to select their top five most important attributes when evaluating an organization as a potential employer. Preferences are listed in order of importance, from most to least important.

ATTRIBUTES (Listed in order of importance)
Order Early Career Preferences Mid-career Preferences
1 Future Career Opportunity Compensation
2 Compensation Work-Life Balance
3 Work-Life Balance Stability
4 Stability Future Career Opportunity
5 Health Benefits Health Benefits
6 Location Location
7 Development Opportunity Ethics
8 Job-Interests Alignment Job-Interests Alignment