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Employer Branding - Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Abbreviation EVP surrounded by the following text: Career Development Opportunities, Affiliation, Work Content, and Benefits and Compensation
In the What is Employer Branding? section you were introduced to the concept of the employer brand and how it's a perception of what it's like to work for your organization. A key component of your employer brand is your organization's employee value proposition (EVP) which represents the perceived value an employee gets in exchange for working at your organization.

The EVP relates to the sum of all that your employees experience and receive when they work for your organization. The key attributes of your EVP are both tangible and intangible (e.g., the organization's mission, rewards, compensation and benefits; career development opportunities, leadership, characteristics of the work, the people). By actively shaping the perception of your EVP, you can source talent from a broader pool of applicants.

The benefits of a strong EVP aren't limited to recruiting; it also benefits your organization once new employees come onboard. Organizations that back up the promises they made to applicants about the work environment can experience much greater loyalty and productivity among their new hires.