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Individual Development Plan — Where Will Your Career Take You?


Developing a Human Resources Individual Development Plan (IDP) will help you strategically map your career and develop yourself as a Human Resources (HR) professional. You should use your agency’s IDP plan and template, if available; however you can use HRU’s IDP as a supplement.

HRU will guide you through the steps to fill out your IDP, and use an HR Customized Self-Assessment to assess your proficiency level. The HR Professional Framework is a useful chart to also help you determine your HR goals. Then you will use the HR Career Paths to identify the competencies required for each technical area, job tasks, training topics and suggestions for critical developmental activities. Afterwards, you can use our IDP template to record: your current role and desired goal, HRU courses you may select from the catalog, experiences you may choose from the Critical Developmental Activities tool, and other developmental activities.

An IDP should be a partnership between you and your manager, involving careful preparation and continuous feedback. Consider your IDP as a “work in progress” that can be updated as needed.

NOTE: In order to fill out your IDP, you must Log In or Register first, and you must have registered using a current federal government email address.