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Executive Services Specialist Critical Developmental Activities -
Full Performance, GS 12 (Supervisory or Specialist)

Developmental Activities for Specialist or Supervisory Positions
To Strengthen General Competencies
  • Participate in all stages of, or manage a project.
  • Lead a team effort by acting as a project lead, program lead, or team lead.
  • Participate in projects that are highly visible, sensitive, or political.
  • Act as a subject matter expert (SME) in a panel.
  • Consult with customers to define and/or solve customer problems.
  • Cross-train into another area of expertise (e.g. temporary job rotations, job shadowing, or developmental assignments).
  • Participate in online training, attend briefings, or obtain on-the-job training to understand the policies and politics relevant to your work.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with another group to perform project work (e.g., outside group).
  • Develop a broad professional network through joint projects, participation in workshops, membership in professional and trade associations, and internal and external customer relationships.
  • Demonstrate your work at a technical conference, meeting, or seminar.
  • Provide informal mentoring to others in your technical area.
  • Attend university and industry association educational events.
  • Maintain awareness of trends and state-of-the-art in your field.
  • Discuss ideas to resolve project issues with senior staff members or a mentor.
  • Meet with your manager to present and discuss your analysis of options, tradeoffs, and recommendations for action relating to a problem or issue in a project/program.
  • Participate on a workforce planning team.
To Strengthen Technical Competencies
  • Provide assistance to senior staff and/or Executive Review Board relative to the Candidate Development Program.
  • Contribute to writing a business case for an executive resource program.
  • Conducts Executive Resources Board (ERB) panels for Senior Executive Service and Senior Level positions.
  • Conduct the complete merit staffing process to competitively fill SES positions.
  • Assist in the process to fill SES positions via non-career and limited appointments.
  • Assist in the process to reassign, transfer, detail, and/or reinstate SES members.
  • Manage SES performance appraisal system activities for the complete performance cycle.
  • Assist in the process to request SES allocations from OPM.
  • Establish SES positions using the SES criteria.
  • Assist in administering applicable awards programs.
  • Assist in full range of HR processes for SL/ST employees.

Additional Developmental Activities Supervisory Positions Only
  • Seek periodic feedback from others on your management and leadership skills.
  • Find a mentor or talk with other managers to learn about their leadership styles, challenges, and experiences.
  • Look for ways to praise and highlight others’ achievements.
  • Identify and communicate your priorities to your employees.
  • Offer to serve as a sounding board for others if they run into technical difficulties, and ask them to do the same for you.
  • Develop and execute a budget for a project or assignment.
  • Learn strategies on how to handle conflict in the organization.
  • Contribute to processes that create and support a diverse environment (e.g. hiring and training).