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Employee Relations Specialist Critical Developmental Activities -
Entry-Level, GS 5/7/9

To Strengthen General Competencies
  • Actively participate on a team.
  • Volunteer to participate in a high-visibility project.
  • Learn about the agency where you work.
  • Learn new technologies (e.g., through self-study, seminars).
  • Study technical writing as it applies to your work role.
  • Attend technical conferences, meetings, or seminars.
  • Join an industry or professional association.
  • Read technical publications to keep up-to-date on new development in your field (e.g., books, professional newsletters, trade journals).
  • Conduct briefings.
  • Build an informal network of peers through which you can exchange ideas and discuss issues relevant to technical advances in your field.
  • Learn from others on the job (e.g., obtain on-the-job training, ask others for guidance).
  • Find a mentor for technical and/or career guidance.
  • Study lessons learned from reviews of failed and successful projects.
  • Gain an understanding of basic position management and classification.
  • Gain an understanding of job analysis.
  • Gain a basic understanding of the agency budgeting process.
To Strengthen Technical Competencies
  • Become familiar with all the regulatory requirements for performance management in 5 CFR 430 and 451.
  • Study and develop the ability to identify results-focused standards.
  • Learn about performance metrics and how they link to the organization's mission.
  • Shadow an ER or LR specialist to observe how they provide advice, guide, and counsel supervisors who are dealing with an employee problem.
  • Assist with investigating an employee relations issue.
  • Learn about unions that represent the workforce and all laws that protect union activity.
  • Research relevant case law on Employee Relations and Labor Relations matters.