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Course Information

Course Title: Engaging and Encouraging Employees

Course Description: Use the latest EVS research to help lead a team. Practice proven engagement tools. Develop an action plan for raising organizational performance.

Location: Office of Personnel Management, Washington, DC

Schedule: Recurring and offered upon request.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: TBD

Registration: For registration information, contact Marie Nicol, (304) 870-8024

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: OPM

Course Content Contact: Marie Nicol, (304) 870-8024

Cost: $2,575 per person

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competencies: Human Resource Development

General Competencies: Developing Others, Accountability, Entrepreneurship, Influencing and Negotiating, Strategic Thinking

Leadership Competencies:

Roles:  Strategic Partner Strategic Partner;   Leader Leader

Proficiency Level: Basic / Intermediate

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