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Course Title: Communicating Face to Face

Course Description: Federal leaders, whether in a formal or informal leadership position, rely on face-to-face communication to connect with and influence peers, supervisors, employees, and internal and external stakeholders. Through this seminar, you will enhance your interpersonal communication skills for more productive workplace interactions.

  • Identify your own communication style in order to make improvements.
  • Study and adopt interpersonal communication techniques used by great communicators.
  • Learn and practice new skills in real-world communication simulations.
  • Understand how to defuse intensity during difficult conversations and interactions.

Location: Office of Personnel Management, Washington, DC

Schedule: Will be provided when the course is next available.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: TBD

Registration: For registration information, contact 888-676-9632 or;

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: OPM

Course Content Contact: 888-676-9632 or;

Cost: $4,400

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competencies:

General Competencies: Influencing/Negotiating; Interpersonal Skills; Oral Communication

Leadership Competencies: Partnering; Conflict Management

Roles:  Advisor Advisor;   Strategic Partner Strategic Partner;   Leader Leader

Proficiency Level:

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