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Course Title: Designing an Assessment Strategy

Course Description: This workshop, led by an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, is designed to provide agency executives, hiring managers, and HR managers / professionals with a broad overview of assessment options, as well as variables to consider when developing an assessment strategy. This training lays a foundation for designing an assessment strategy by defining assessment, its importance, barriers to effective assessment, and considerations for selecting and developing assessments. Next, the instructor discusses a variety of assessment tool options. For each assessment tool, the instructor outlines strengths and considerations, and provides sample items. In addition, the instructor discusses the multiple hurdles approach as a common assessment strategy and provides case examples. Finally, the instructor walks through questions to consider when building an assessment strategy and implementation considerations.

Throughout the training, the instructor facilitates discussion among participants regarding their experiences with different assessment strategies and assessment tools. Participants also engage in a comprehensive exercise, in which they design an assessment strategy.

Location: TBD

Schedule: This 1 day workshop can be delivered to a group of employees (up to 20 participants) at an agency, per agency request.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: 1 day

Registration: For registration information, contact HR Training on Demand,, (855) 281-6895; Kelly Sorensen,

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: US Office of Personnel Management

Course Content Contact: HR Training on Demand,, (855) 281-6895; Kelly Sorensen,

Cost: For pricing, please contact Kelly Sorensen,

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competencies: Staffing

General Competencies: Customer Service; Problem Solving

Leadership Competencies: Strategic Thinking; Human Capital Management

Roles:  Technical Specialist Technical Specialist;   Advisor Advisor;   Strategic Partner Strategic Partner

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

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