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Course Information

Course Title: Delegated Examining Certification Training

Course Description: A required training for all HR professionals performing Delegated Examining. The session will include topics such as OPM and agency responsibilities; identifying a job’s key competencies and effective assessments; recruiting and announcing the job; accepting and reviewing applications; assessing applicants; certifying eligibles; reporting requirements; and Merit Systems accountability.

This Delegated Examining Certification session is open to Federal HR specialists and private contractor staff performing delegated examining activities for agencies. Through lecture, hands-on exercises, and case studies, this training will prepare participants for successfully examining for open competitive positions. All participants are required to have either 6 months of Federal staffing experience or 3 months of the experience mentioned and completion of Federal basic staffing training.

Location: HR Training on Demand will offer this workshop on February 27 - March 1, 2018 at the DHS Training Center, Learning & Development Institute (90 K Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20002). The workshop can also be delivered to a group of employees at an agency, per agency request.

Schedule: 3-day workshop. An upcoming session of this workshop will be delivered on February 27 - March 1, 2018 in Washington, DC. The workshop can also be delivered to a group of employees at an agency, per agency request.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: 3 days

Registration: For registration information, contact Crystal Ogunleye,, (215) 861-3007

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: US Office of Personnel Management

Course Content Contact: Crystal Ogunleye,, (215) 861-3007

Cost: $650 per person to attend the upcoming session offered on April 10- 12, 2018. For group session pricing, please contact, (215) 861-3007.

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competencies: Labor Relations; Policy; Staffing

General Competencies: Attention to Detail; Customer Service; Planning and Evaluating; Problem Solving; Reasoning; Technical Competence; Writing

Leadership Competencies:

Roles:  Technical Specialist Technical Specialist;   Advisor Advisor

Proficiency Level: Basic

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