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Course Title: Supervisory Development Seminar I: Fundamentals

Course Description: New supervisors will gain valuable insights into the fundamental skills, behaviors and attitudes that define the successful Federal supervisor and maximize personal performance. This week long seminar can be combined with the SDS II for a two-week emersion to expand these fundamentals with leadership foundations experience. Please note: This seminar meets the requirements of the Congressional mandate requiring training for all new supervisors.

A One-Week Investment That Will Pay You Back

Familiarize yourself with the Business Acumen Executive Core Qualification. Understand merit system principles as the foundation of Federal civil service and apply them to supervising your employees. Learn appropriate personnel actions for recruiting, hiring and retaining Federal employees. Discover how to set appropriate expectations and encourage effective performance. Learn how to take appropriate legal action to discipline and terminate poor performers or those who violate workplace behavioral standards. Network with peers who will help you ease your transition to supervisor.

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Estimated Time to Complete Course: 1 week

Registration: For registration information,contact 888-676-9632 or;

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: OPM

Course Content Contact: 888-676-9632 or;

Cost: $3,350 - Tuition includes materials, meals and lodging.

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competencies: Staffing

General Competencies: Interpersonal Skills; Oral Communication

Leadership Competencies: Conflict Management; Accountability

Roles:  Leader Leader

Proficiency Level: Awareness

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