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Career Development

HRU has tools available to help develop your career development. The HR Customized Self-Assessment allows you to obtain a quick assessment of where your experience and knowledge place you in relation to the Human Resources (HR) roles (Strategic, Advisor, and Technical). The HR Professional Framework will help you identify where you are in relation to the HR roles. The purpose of the framework is to help you think about the direction you would like to take as you pursue a career within the HR profession. The HR Career Paths help identify competencies required for each technical area, job tasks, training topics and suggestions for critical developmental activities. You can use the Individual Development Plan (IDP) to record your current role and desired goals, HRU courses you may select from the catalog, experiences you may choose from the Critical Developmental Activities tool, and other developmental activities.

Select each label to guide you through the Career Development Process. If you are a supervisor, manager, or Executive, please visit Manager's Corner to gain access to self-development tools and resources.
Graphic. A series of five gears interconnected that show how the career development tools offered on HRU interconnect to assist HR professionals with their individual career development. The gears pictured from left to right are HR Roles; HR Professional Framework; HR Career Paths; HR Competencies which include Leadership Competency Proficiency Levels and Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Competencies; and the IDP which includes Critical Developmental Activities, Course Catalog, Resource Center and HR Success Factors.
HR Roles HR Professional Framework HR Career Paths HR Competencies Leadership Competency Proficiency Level Illustrations Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Competencies Critical Developmental Activities Course Catalog Resource Center HR Success Factors